Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

RGIA, Hyderabad is maintained by GMR Group is the second airport in Hyderabad, the first one being Begumpet Airport which caters to VIP needs while the former takes care of all commercial ones. Its quite a beautiful scene at the RGI airport. One of the cleanest I ever visited. Enchanted by the arrangements, took a video which shows its glory!

The pictures below need no caption.


The way!

The sunshine through glasses!

While the airport is cool, the travel is not so bad either! Here's a glimpse of takeoff from Hyderabad RGIA.

After all this, only one thing I must say, its beautiful!!

Have a safe trip guys!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

One day at GVK One

One day got enough time to visit  GVK One, a shopping mall located at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.  A small group of friends gathered to spend a day together. So, the meeting place decided was GVK One. Its a bright lit mall with a lot of activities going on which attracts a large group of people. The 3.5 Lakh square feet area gives a lot of entertainment for the general category of public who visit there. Yes, there are people who shop around, but ours was a pleasure trip!

The mall also features an enchanting salt water aquarium which probably is the largest free standing unit of its kind in the country.

The Center Water Aquarium

The mall in all its glory!

It was summer and GVK one knew this, so they had summer special program called Summer ONE'der for school children!

A glimpse of that:

That was a fun day!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Last year during Christmas, my brother got an idea to represent himself as Pulimurugan, a character from the malayalam movie with the same name, The name depicts a person named Murugan who is capable of controlling/killing tigers. The character played by Mohanlal, a good sequence of action and pretty good graphics helped the movie gain good market in Malayalam movie industry. 

Initially my brother decided on playing the role, but as the time approached for stage performance, due to lot of issues, it was kept aside. However, just before the program started, he could not control the eagerness to play the role of Pulimurugan and asked me to prepare the audio track for the performance. 

That's it, he wanted to play the role and I wanted to experiment on some audio. We did the audio mix in 1 hour's time and by the time it was time for the program to begin, my brother too was ready with all the skit props and dress and a bit of practice. 

What happened at the stage, follows:

Venue: KCF Christmas programme, Kalol, North Gujarat
Date : 25th December 2016
Skit by : James Thomas

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Buying a domain name

Buying a domain name

How did I ended up buying a domain name with my own name?

It all started with orkut[dot]com. It was the first social media that I was exposed to. The requirement here was to have unique email id. 

Okay, unique! I thought nice.. lets register. But, when I tried registering with my name that is "Jino Thomas", all I got was "Oops, that username is in use, try another one!". 

Well, I had to use the social media site, which was in hype during those days. So, I had to register by adding random numbers to my email id as . This was painful. 

All my childhood I thought my name was unique. But alas, it wasn't. 

Then came facebook. I tried to get a username with only my first and last name. But, again, all were registered long back.  So, again, I registered with a unique username by adding few more characters and numbers with my name. 

The trend continued. Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and so on. 

I never got to use my name without adding few characters. 

Then I stumbled upon website registrations. Since this is a costly affair, I guess it was an area not many had explored. Adding to that, the domain name with my name was available.

How would I loose such an opportunity of adding my name on the public space without additional characters? I didn't. 

This was the time. It was on 7th June 2017 that I bought the domain name jinothomas[dot]com .

I had to think over this multiple times, but what would I do if I don't get this at a later stage was the thought that haunted me. 

I had to take a step, and I did.

After registering and making payments, I added my blogspot to my domain name to start with.

And that's how I bought a domain name!!

If you would like to buy one,  drop me an email. I would be glad to help!!

Jino Thomas

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