Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Buying a domain name

Buying a domain name

How did I ended up buying a domain name with my own name?

It all started with orkut[dot]com. It was the first social media that I was exposed to. The requirement here was to have unique email id. 

Okay, unique! I thought nice.. lets register. But, when I tried registering with my name that is "Jino Thomas", all I got was "Oops, that username is in use, try another one!". 

Well, I had to use the social media site, which was in hype during those days. So, I had to register by adding random numbers to my email id as . This was painful. 

All my childhood I thought my name was unique. But alas, it wasn't. 

Then came facebook. I tried to get a username with only my first and last name. But, again, all were registered long back.  So, again, I registered with a unique username by adding few more characters and numbers with my name. 

The trend continued. Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and so on. 

I never got to use my name without adding few characters. 

Then I stumbled upon website registrations. Since this is a costly affair, I guess it was an area not many had explored. Adding to that, the domain name with my name was available.

How would I loose such an opportunity of adding my name on the public space without additional characters? I didn't. 

This was the time. It was on 7th June 2017 that I bought the domain name jinothomas[dot]com .

I had to think over this multiple times, but what would I do if I don't get this at a later stage was the thought that haunted me. 

I had to take a step, and I did.

After registering and making payments, I added my blogspot to my domain name to start with.

And that's how I bought a domain name!!

If you would like to buy one,  drop me an email. I would be glad to help!!

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