Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Last year during Christmas, my brother got an idea to represent himself as Pulimurugan, a character from the malayalam movie with the same name, The name depicts a person named Murugan who is capable of controlling/killing tigers. The character played by Mohanlal, a good sequence of action and pretty good graphics helped the movie gain good market in Malayalam movie industry. 

Initially my brother decided on playing the role, but as the time approached for stage performance, due to lot of issues, it was kept aside. However, just before the program started, he could not control the eagerness to play the role of Pulimurugan and asked me to prepare the audio track for the performance. 

That's it, he wanted to play the role and I wanted to experiment on some audio. We did the audio mix in 1 hour's time and by the time it was time for the program to begin, my brother too was ready with all the skit props and dress and a bit of practice. 

What happened at the stage, follows:

Venue: KCF Christmas programme, Kalol, North Gujarat
Date : 25th December 2016
Skit by : James Thomas

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