Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nature ( But Not Exactly !!!! )

Pigeon Posing for a Photograph
A Straight Look ( Zoomed 5x optical + 4x Digital )

Style ( Zoomed 5x optical + 4x Digital )

Flower Which Fascinated Me.

Macro Mode
P.S. - Dont worry about the Chalk Stick  !!

A Tilt in Figure.

Random Click.
You can see the difference between the Focussed object and the out of Focus object.

Sun Shines Bright...!!

Tried to capture the plant with Sun in Background.
I guess its Tulsi Plant.

The Sleeping Beauty

Saw a squirrel sleeping on the Parapet, enjoying the sun during winter.!!
( Zoomed 5x optical + 4x Digital )

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